And still cutting great!  Impossible you say?  Oh but it is – possible.  Here are a few simple tips that will help make your blade last longer and cut better.   Remember the silhouette is what I consider a one in all machine.  Unlike some cutters, the silhouette comes with a design software that has the recommended cut settings already stored for selection.

For example:

  • Go under cut settings
  • Under material type – you’ll see many different options to choose from such as htv (smooth, glitter cardstock, glitter/flocked medium weight, etc).  When selecting the material type the silhouette will automatically adjust the blade to the recommended settings.  You should always do a test cut first to make sure it cuts properly depending on the sharpness or dullness of your blade.

There’s also a section underneath material type “advanced settings”.  In this section you’ll be able to see the settings and be able to adjust it accordingly if the recommended settings does not cut properly.  I always find it easier to double cut whenever I use glitter (not the smooth glitter but more of the medium weight –  particle glitter material).

Not many realize this but you can also select which type of blade you have starting with the regular silhouette blade which is the called the “ratchet blade”  to the cap blue, cap pink, sketch pen, etc.  Make sure you select the correct one.

  • Next, I don’t use the cutting mat unless I am using scraps that are too small to feed through my silhouette.  For example, I have a silhouette portrait so anything smaller than 8 inches wide I would use the cutting mat.  Any other times I do not use it.  The vinyl will cut just fine without the mat.  One reason why I don’t use the cutting mat is because it raises my material and it would be an extra step removing the vinyl from the sticky mat.
  • Try to keep your blade clean.  Remember it’s cutting vinyl which has sticky backing / adhesive.  Sometimes tiny pieces of vinyl may get stuck which will cause it to drag or cut wrong.  You’ll be surprise what may get stuck in there – such as hair.  Any tiny thing will affect the blade’s ability to cut correctly.
  • Lastly, always do a test cut…always!  Vinyl tend to  change from batch to batch and your settings may need to be adjusted just a tad.  You also have the ability to save your settings when you do land on the perfect settings for a particular material from certain vendors.

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