Roland MG Series UV Print/Cut Machine (Drop Ship)

Size: MG-300 30"
Sale price$15,995.00


Winter Savings up to $2,000!Save this Winter on a New TrueVIS LG Series or MG-640 UV Printer/Cutter

Now through March 31, 2024 save up to $2,000 on a new TrueVIS LG Series UV printer/cutter or $1,500 on a new TrueVIS MG-640 UV printer/cutter. Take your decals, signage, POP displays, packaging, and more to the next level with TrueVIS UV print quality, color, and eye-catching dimensional effects!

TrueVISNEW MG Series
UV Printer/Cutters

Image of an Truevis LG series model
UV Printer/cutters
Available Size
64" 30"
Available ink
CMYK, Gloss, White, Red, Orange, Primer
220 / 500 ml
Professional Features
Tension Bar for Thin Films*Expansion Table for Semi-rigid Card*Take-up unit

Take Print and Cut Further

TrueVIS is synonymous with industry-leading print-and-cut machines. Enhance your capabilities with the added power of premium-quality UV-LED printing technology and specialty effects capabilities to offer your customers even more products.


High-Quality Ink

Using the latest ECO-UV EUV5 inks for exceptional and premium-value printing, we go beyond CMYK to give you even more options and flexibility. Talk to a Roland DGA expert about your print requirements to discover the ink configuration that’s right for you.



Get premium results with high-quality CMYK EUV ink.


Generate a multitude of tangible effects, simulated embossing and gloss finishes.


Print high-opacity white details or add sub-coats for dark or transparent materials.

Red and Orange

With our True Rich Color preset, extend your available gamut and reproduce brand colors perfectly.


Apply primer to the print area with precision for optimum media compatibility.

Shrink Inks

Perfect for flexibile packaging, Roland DG EUVS inks offer extended shrink capability.


Included VersaWorks 6
RIP Software

The latest edition offers powerful new 64-bit processing and RIP capabilities, plus easy, nesting, cropping, tiling and other features from the world’s most popular RIP software.

  • HARLEQUIN RIP dual core engine and 64-bit native processing for enhanced speed and file handling.
  • Variable data options for printing multiple images and text onto media in a single print run.
  • UV post cure within the RIP and auto-generate White and Gloss layers directly in the RIP with Special Color Plate Generation.
  • Create cut data directly in VersaWorks 6 by extracting PDF data from your design file to use as a cut line — changing vector data into cut line data, merging multiple cut lines together, creating perf cut lines, and other intuitive features.
  • Easy new drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly add jobs to the print queue.
  • Create color consistency with select Roland DG devices— print, scan and transfer color values.
  • Rotate, set spacing, and maintain clip position within the RIP to give you more control when printing graphics and applying Gloss ink effects.


Part No. Description Price
EUV5-5BK Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Black $119.99
EUV5-5CY Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Cyan $119.99
EUV5-5GL Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Gloss $119.99
EUV5-5MG Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Magenta $119.99
EUV5-5OR Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Orange $119.99
EUV5-5PR Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Primer $119.99
EUV5-5RE Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Red $119.99
EUV5-5YE Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Yellow $119.99
EUV5-WH Eco-UV5 Ink, 220cc, White $66.99


Part No. Description Price
BOFA-PRNTPRO BOFA PrintPro Fume Extractor, LEC2 printers $2,299.00
BOFA_38MMHOSE BOFA PrintPro 38mm Hose Kit $59.95
ET-30 Extension Table for MG-300 $500.00
ET-64 Extension Table for MG-640 $1,000.00
TB-30 Tension Table for MG-300 $1,080.00


Part No. Description Price
BOFA-FILTER BOFA PrintPro Universal Replacement Filter $369.00
IJ-SWABKIT5-50 Swab Kit, 5 inch Swabs, 50 Pack $21.99


Part No. Description Price
IJ-SWABKIT5-50 Swab Kit, 5 inch Swabs, 50 Pack $21.99


Part No. Description Price
ESM-GCPRO-15030 Gloss Cal Vinyl PRO, Air-Rel Liner, 30in x 150ft $199.99
ESM-GCPRO-15054 Gloss Cal Vinyl PRO, Air-Rel Liner, 54in x 150ft $354.99
ESM-GCPRO-50-20 Gloss Cal Vinyl PRO, Air-Rel Liner, 20in x 50ft $65.99
ESM-SGC2-99-30 Solvent Gloss Canvas, 30in x 99ft $321.99
ESM-SGC2-99-54 Solvent Gloss Canvas, 54in x 99ft $578.99
ESM-SSC2-45-20 Solvent Satin Canvas, 20in x 45ft $123.99
ESM-SSC2-99-20 Solvent Satin Canvas, 20in x 99ft $214.99
ESM-SSC2-99-30 Solvent Satin Canvas, 30in x 99ft $321.99
ESM-SSC2-99-54 Solvent Satin Canvas, 54in x 99ft $578.99

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