General Questions

If you can’t login, try clicking on Forgot Password under Log In at the top right. If the pull-down menu on the top right say My Account, you are already logged in to your account. If you have shopped as a guest in the past, you will not have an account and can register if you would like the cart to remember your business and past orders.

We are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time Zone, Mon-Fri, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm We do have a showroom and many items for sale in our showroom. Feel free to come by anytime for a visit. Please click here for more of our Corporate Info.

Yes we do. It is best to order online and if you want to pick up your order, select “Pickup at JSI” as your shipping method and we’ll have it ready for you within the hour. You can also use the web discount code for a pickup order!

For Tech Support on software or cutters, 1st visit our tech support page on our website, most questions can be answered there. Otherwise you can email with contact info; purchase date of equipment; and the specific problem you are experiencing. You may also want to contact the manufacturer directly:


The best way to get a shipping quote is to add all the items you would like to purchase to your cart. Then at the checkout screen, enter your shipping information. You can change your shipping method from there to see what works best for you before you have to use your credit card.

That depends on where you are located and what shipping method you choose. Please click here to view our shipping times map for UPS and USPS. Most orders received by 3PM ship same day.

Once we process your order for shipping, you will receive an email with your shipping notification as well as tracking number from either or, depending on your shipping method. If you don’t see one, it might be in your SPAM folder, especially if it was your first time shipping via that method. If it is in your SPAM, please add that email address to your safe list.

If you still can’t find it, you can email to request your tracking number. Please include your order number as well as the email address you would like your notifications sent to so we can verify its accuracy in our system.

Unfortunately, USPS Priority Mail does not have a guaranteed delivery time. Sometimes it takes up to 5-7 shipping days for your package to arrive. However, USPS can normally provide you with more information. You can contact your local United States Post Office (if you do not have the number, you can find your Post Office on USPS’s website click here and provide them with the tracking number and ask for an update. They will normally be able to tell you the current status of your package and provide you with a different phone number to call if necessary. If you are ever in a hurry for an order from JSI, we recommend selecting UPS Ground as your shipping method. They do guarantee their delivery times, and you can see the shipping turnaround times from our location by click here.

First, unroll everything in the order to make sure it wasn’t rolled up with something else. We will roll multiple sheets together for shipping purposes, so you might not see at first. Next, inspect the box to make sure it wasn’t damaged in shipping and the item fell out. If so, please email with a photo of the damages and your order number/contact information so we can file a claim with the carrier. Also, the product may have been drop-shipped from our manufacturer. Lastly, check the invoice that was attached to your package. The item may have been out of stock, and should be noted on your invoice and the final charges adjusted accordingly. If you still can’t find it, please email with your order number/contact information so we can investigate further to resolve this issue for you.

If you would like to add to your order, please place another order and put in the comments to TRY to combine with your other order and include the order number. Depending how busy the shipping dept is and as long as it hasn’t been processed, we should be able to combine those orders for you and adjust your shipping charge appropriately. Otherwise, it will be treated as a separate order and charged as such. When you are ordering online, you are not actually being charged yet. You are authorizing us to run a certain amount on your card, and those funds are set aside for us. We can adjust the final charge. Call in orders take longer to get to the ship area and calling in could prevent your orders from being combined, so definitely do this online.

Product Questions

Unfortunately, we do not have any kind of samples. However, most of our sign/craft/adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl’s can be purchased in 1 foot sections at the previous links. We do have Siser color charts for all of their products and PerfecPress Color Chart and JSI Signs Glitter Color Chart. All of these Color Charts sell for a nominal fee.

Due to most vinyl being produced overseas they are not created with inches in mind. It is industry standard to have up to 3/4″ variance. Always pre-measure your vinyl before sending designs.

Please note: Sheet sizes can have a variance in them. Example: a 12″ x 10″ sheet can range from 12″ x 9.75″ to 12″ x 10″

If you cannot find a custom pattern you are looking for on our website, you can email your request to and someone will get back to you. It’s also helpful to include any photos you might have of what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, we might not stock what you are looking for. It is possible that it is something we can special order for you. Please send an email to with your request and someone will get back to you with pricing and availability.

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer for what pressure to cut any one material on. It all depends on your machine, the material, and how dull your blade is. The best way to find out what pressure to cut at, is to perform a test cut and go from there. Here is a guide with a little more information on what to look for on a test cut. Some products cut better with 60 degree blades over 45 degree blades. Check your product specs to see if 60 degree is recommended.

The easiest way to determine which side to cut your vinyl is to get your pick tool and pick a corner. You just always want to make sure you are cutting on the VINYL side and not the LINER side.

There are a lot of variables as to why this might happen, you may want to review this guide on troubleshooting HTV.

Our house brand of adhesive/craft/sign vinyl is PerfecCut. It is a 3.0mil, 5 year, outdoor, glossy (white and black are also available in matte) vinyl. The vinyl face-film itself comes from the same mfg as 651, the adhesives and paper liner are different. A 12″x24″ sheet is only $1!

Sales and Invoice Questions

You most certainly can. Please send an email to to request a copy of your invoice. Please be sure to include your company name on file and any other information you have about the order in question.

We will need a signed/filled out ST-5 form. You can download one by clicking here. You can fill it out and email it to, and then we can update your account information.

Please send an email to with your company name, order number, and the problem. If you can, please include any photos that would show/explain the issue.

To initiate a return, first email with the original order number, your company name, and the product you wish to return and why, and we’ll get the process started for you. You have 10 days once the order has been shipped to initiate a return.

Customer support

Phone: (800) 241-0262 // (770) 455-1020

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