Your Custom DTF Gang Sheet

Turnaround Time: Standard (24-48hrs)
Size: 22.6 in X 24 in (2 ft)
Material: Regular DTF Film
Sale price$16.00
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Product Note:



Rush Order Rules:

1) Place the order by 12 EST to be qualified for the rush order.

2) Larger gang sheets 240"+ need to be submitted early in the morning

3) Orders will be printed out within 4 hrs

4) Email for any order updates


NOTEDue to the Glow in the Dark effect on the film, colors displayed on each image uploaded will have a slight fade. Dark colors will have a lesser glow effect than lighter colors. 


Glow n the Dark Instructions:

1) Heat press at 320F for 10 seconds. 

2) Cold Peel- Let sit for 30-40 seconds before peeling. After, peel film off.

3) Cover image with Teflon or Parchment and heat press a second time for 10 seconds.

4) Take image outside or under LED lighting and let it charge for 2-3 hours (this will allow the image to absorb/charge from lighting). 


DTF Gang Sheets

-Image must be in .PNG file (sized at 300 DPI minimum) 100 MB limit per file.

-You set size and quantity within the sheet. (We do not modify or change your sheet in any way, what you submit is what you get.)


 How Soon Will I Get My Order?

-Turnaround time currently runs 1-2 business days. Glow material can take up to 5 business days.

 -All orders must be PAID IN FULL at the time of order on the website.

 -Once your order is paid, the orders go into the queue for processing and production. No order cancellations or refunds on orders once they are in queue. Once completed you will get an email notice that your order is completed for pick-up or shipping.

-If ever have any questions, email and reference your order number.

 Gang Sheet Builder Tutorials:





DTF Gang Sheet Builder

PerfectPressHTV provides the DTF gang sheet builder you need so that you get the prints you want in the dimensions you want without you having to create the sheet yourself. Our DTF gang sheet builder will enable you to quickly set up the prints you are looking for without taking a ton of time setting it up, nor getting confused over how to set up one option or change another option. We have video tutorials that show you exactly what file types are accepted and how to upload your own sheet so that we can ship your order to you as quickly as possible.

The Importance of This Sheet Builder

A quality DTF printing company should enable you to have many DTF gang sheet builder options to utilize in order to make the printing and transfer process as simple and quick as possible, both for you and for us, the printing house. We offer the option of uploading your own gang sheets, removing the backgrounds from your images, and cropping those images.

What Happens When You Use This Sheet Builder

After you use the sheet builder and submit your images to us, along with your order, we will inform you of how long it will take to complete your order and ship the products to you. We will print out the orders within 4 hours after the order process has been completed. If you place your order by 12 PM EST, you will qualify for the rush order service. If you have larger gang sheets (240+), those must be submitted in the morning in order to achieve the fastest turnaround time. You choose the size and quantity of your prints within the sheet itself; you are in total control of this process, and we will print the amount and size you choose.

Contact us to learn more about our DTF gang sheet builder and how we can help transform your designs into tangible masterpieces.


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