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Troubleshooting : Material doesn’t adhere properly.

We hear it pretty regularly, a customer calls in saying that their material doesn’t adhere to the garment after they attempt pressing it to the shirt.  They’ll be pressing it at the right temperature, at the right time, and everything else, and they’re upset because they’ve pre-cut their design out to all the material and… Read more »

How to Prolong Your Silhouette Blade’s Life

And still cutting great!  Impossible you say?  Oh but it is – possible.  Here are a few simple tips that will help make your blade last longer and cut better.   Remember the silhouette is what I consider a one in all machine.  Unlike some cutters, the silhouette comes with a design software that has the… Read more »

Blade Change Guide

There comes a time in the life span of every vinyl cutter where the blade has dulled out or chipped, and you must change it.  This is perhaps one of the most important details of caring for your vinyl cutter, and it may also seem one of the more daunting tasks of maintenance. Fortunately, the… Read more »

The Differences Between Our Standard HTV

  Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been with us for years, it’s a question we hear time and time again… What’s the difference between all these standard heat transfer vinyls? While they may all look the same, deep down a lot of these products have their own pros and cons.  So to help… Read more »

Sublimation: What to understand about it

Sublimation is a relatively new option in the home market for custom apparel making.  Prior to a couple years ago, sublimation was only an option to people who could purchase expensive printers and equipment.  Now, there are home options that don’t need to require a small business loan to get started with.  We at JSI… Read more »

Inkjet Transfer Papers (When to use them, how to use them)

Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent solution when wanting to do 1 or 2 color designs, but occasionally you’ll need to complete a job that calls for 3 or more colors, gradient hues, or even photographs. Solid color HTV suddenly becomes a nightmare for these sorts of designs, which makes you want a printer. The… Read more »