Jigs / Inserts for Sublimation Socks (1 pair)

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Product Note:



Straight Jig measures at 22" long and shows guides on how high to lead each size.

The best way to make sublimated socks after our years of testing and R & D. Inserts are made of cardboard material factory cut and coated. This insert is softer and more giving than the wooden Jigs, so it will be easier to load, unload, roll along the sides, and handle with your hands. The softness also helps with less pressure pushing back up into the metal plate of your heatpress, so the ink transfers nicely onto the garment.

Things to Note:

These inserts are NOT meant to last forever. They are meant to last about 30-60 days if used properly and handled with care. After they bend, crack or break new ones would need to be ordered. We do not supply replacement inserts for free under any circumstances, as it's meant to be disposed of after reasonable usage and not to last forever.

By default inserts come sized for Medium/Large/XL. For Small you can cut down about 2cm from the width.

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