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Product Note:


As of 4/18/24 STS is recommending to use 220ml carts because the 500ml are putting too much pressure on the needle causing leaking cartridges.  Here is the note from STS Inks:

Hi All,

Moving forward for any XPJ-628D or XPD-724D printers, it’s best to sell only the 220ml cartridges.

The longer 500ml cartridges have been putting too much stress on the needle inside the printer as well as putting stress on the rubber at the tip of the cartridge causing a common issue of leaky cartridges, the 220ml cartridges will fix this issue.

This is not an issue on the XPD-1682D or the new XPD-924D as the ink bays are built to support longer cartridges.

Make sure customers order extra stock since now these are smaller carts.

STS XPD Direct to Film Inks

specially designed and formulated to pair perfectly with our new STS XPD-724 Direct to Film Printer offering excellent color gamut and outstanding durability.


– High color density, wide color gamut, outstanding color saturation.
– Print head safe encapsulated resin + nano pigment
– Great wash fastness
– Excellent performance
– Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
– Consistent color from batch to batch
– Manufactured in the USA
– Available in CMYK and White (Ask about our other color options)


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