Rhinestone Adhesive Sheets

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Product Note:


9x15 Rhinestones Adhesive Sheets.

Cut with Scissors or Xacto Knife.

Rhinestone Adhesive Sheets are ready-made adhesive rhinestone sheets, with approximately 18,500 SS8-Rhinestones per sheet.

Just cut your rhinetone sheet to shape, peel off the protective backing, and stick your bling-to-anything!

The easy to use Rhinestone Adhesive Sheet can be cut with scissors, razor blades, or any basic cutting device.

While Bling sheets cannot be cut with your craft cutters, they are ideal for making bling-wraps for all your crafting equipment!

These dazzling Bling Sheets are ideal to decorate hard, non-porous surfaces.

Not to be used on apparel.
Not safe for washing machines or dishwashers.

Using Bling Sheets saves time and money! Compared to purchasing 18,500 ss6 Rhinestones and hand placing them on a 9 x 15 inch vinyl sheet, pre-made Adhesive Rhinestone Sheets can save you upwards of 70%.


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