DTF Station L2 DTF Printer - (Drop Shipped)

Size: PKG 1- L2 Printer
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Bundle the Prestige L2 DTF Roll Printer with a Seismo DTF Powder Shaker, and save up to $6000!

Choose from one of the following options:

  • Seismo M16 & Purifier L2: Prestige L2 DTF Printer, Seismo M16, and Purifier L2
    • More affordable, smaller footprint, manual recycling of powder required
  • Seismo L16R & Purifier L2: Prestige L2 DTF Printer, Seismo L16R, and Purifier L2
    • Larger footprint, automatic powder recycling

Prestige L2 DTF Roll Printer

Prestige L2 Product Overview

Requires On-Site Training:

  • On-Site Setup/Training + Driving Distance includes:
    • One Time Driving Distance within 2 hours (of Buena Park, CA, 90621)
    • 4~6 Training Hours Onsite
    • Lifetime Virtual Training
  • On-Site Setup/Training + Air Travel Domestic includes:
    • One Time Accommodations such as hotel, rental car, flight ticket
    • 4~8 Training Hours Onsite
    • Lifetime Virtual Training


  • Two i3200 print heads
  • White Ink Management System (WIMS): timed white ink stirring system to circulate and maintain white ink inside printer
  • Head Strike Sensor: helps prevent damage to printhead
  • Auto-Cleaning: when printer is left on, it will automatically maintain and clean printhead
  • Auto Ink Alert System: informs user when ink is running low
  • Automatic Film Sensor: if film runs out/is not detected, stops printing
  • Attachment Station: Perfect for add-ons, such as the Printflo Barcode Automation System
  • Variety of adjustable settings including:
    • Belt Speed
    • Powder Shaking Power
    • Cooling
    • Suction


    • Speed & Efficiency: 40-60 shirts/hour (12"x12", 720x1800, 6Pass/High Resolution)
      • 2 i3200 print heads make this printer one of the fastest performing DTF printers on the market
    • Compact Size/Small Footprint: perfect for mid-sized businesses or businesses looking to upgrade from smaller pipelines

    What's included:

    Supply Bundle Includes:

    • DTF Station Universal DTF Film 17.7" x 109 yd (x2 rolls)
    • DTF Station Hot Melt Powder 1kg
    • DTF Station Cleaning Solution - 250 ml
    • Isopropyl Alcohol 16oz
    • Lintless Wipe 4 x 4 30 Each
    • DTF Station 7" Cleaning Swabs - 50 Each
    • Color Max DTF Pigment Ink (CMYKW) - 1kg (1 each CMYK, 2 white)


    Print Head Dual Epson I3200 Printheads (CMYK - WWW)
    Printing Accuracy 1440/2160/2880dpi
    Printing Speed 4Pass: 7.5㎡/hour
    6Pass: 5.5㎡/hour
    8Pass: 4.5㎡/hour
    Printing Assit Front and rear arc plate heating; Platform suction; White ink circulation; Anti collision of nozzle; One-click auto cleaning; Integrated auto-lifting capping station; Built in computer and monitor combined bracket;
    Maximum Print Width 18.9"
    Printing Media PET Film
    Printing Interface Gigabit network port
    Operating System Windows 7, Windows 10
    Printing Software

    DigiRIP RIP Software

    Operation Environment Temperature:15℃-30℃ (60 °F-86°F), Humidity:35%RH-65%RH
    Rated Voltage 110V
    Rated Current 14A
    Rated Power 1500W
    Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 30.75" x 58" x 56.25"
    Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH) 40.4" x 70" x 58.25"
    Machine Weight 306 lbs
    Packaging Weight 350 lbs

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