PP Iridescent DTF Film Rolls (Direct to Film)

Size: Iridescent DTF 24" X 65' Roll 75u
Sale price$89.00 Regular price$99.00

Product Note:


Drop levels of WHITE INK backing to 15-25% and adjust ink levels from there.

Step into a world of unparalleled brilliance and creativity with our innovative DTF Film featuring an iridescent effect.

Take your t-shirt printing to the next level and leave your competition behind. Our cutting-edge DTF Film combines advanced technology with superior quality materials, ensuring exceptional results that will captivate your customers. Discover the power of our DTF Film and unlock endless possibilities for your t-shirt printing business.

Unleash the Brilliance: Stand Out from the Crowd

Our DTF Film with iridescent effect is designed to make your t-shirt prints shine. The unique pattern adds depth and dimension to your designs, creating a mesmerizing effect that catches the eye. With this iridescent effect, your t-shirts will make a bold statement and capture attention wherever they go. Set your brand apart and leave a lasting impression with our DTF Film.


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