PerfecPrint Solvent Glitter Print

Size: 12" x 20" Sheet
Sale price$7.00

Product Note:



Add the sparkle of glitter effects to any logo with Glitter heat transfer film. Perfect for dance and cheer wear or anywhere you need some extra shine. Glass like fragments make this the ultimate in glitter transfer films


All Perfecpress/Perfecprint brand products are CISPA ceritfied.


For Solvent: Print positive images with your solvent printer. Cut out around your image. Pull off the image from the liner, High tack transfer tape may be needed if multiple parts or manually pull glitter from liner then lay on garment and heat press. For sublimation: You can sublimate on the material sheet then cut out around your image. This will work with simple designs like round or square and apply to garment. You can also pre-cut glitter and apply to shirt, then use your sublimation sheet on the glitter after. Glitter is cut out in positive and might have to be manually pulled from the liner. Transfer tape generally has hard time adhering with strong enough grip to pull rough glitter surface off the liner.

No nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or moisture-wicking materials.

Heat Application:

Pre-Heat 3 Seconds

Time: 10-15 Seconds

Temperature: 325 F / 160 C

Pressure: Firm

Peel: HOT

Adheres To:

100% cotton

100% uncoated polyester

poly/cotton blends


PVC composition

Pressure sensitive backing

Glitter Finish

325 Microns / 12.8 Mils

45/60 blade

Can be used as top layer (Not recommended to be layered on top of itself)

Washing Instructions:

Do not dry clean

Machine wash WARM / mild detergent

Dry at normal setting

No chlorine bleach

Wait 24 hours before first wash

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