PerfecPress "Ultimate" Top & Bottom Heat Hat/Cap Heat Press

Style: New in Box Hat Press
Sale price$799.00 Regular price$899.00

Product Note:


Additional 2 Platens available for different style hats.  Press comes with standard platen cover.

2023 Dual Top and Bottom Heated Platens Semi-auto Hat & Cap Heat Press Machine


  • Model NO.: CP2815-3

 Semi-auto hat press is engineered to solve your major cap printing problems. Molded platen to reduce creasing and scorching. One-size-fits-all platen – transition between cap sizes in one platen. Independently controlled upper and lower heated platens. Heated lower platen makes it easy for patches and emblems. One-hand operation for easy printing, wide opening offers a heat-free workspace, opens automatically, reducing risk of over-application, Precise temperature and multi-timer display!

  • Style: Semi-auto Hat Press
  • Features: Lever Mechanism & Magnetic
  • Lower Planten: is for heat assist and heats to 275 degrees
  • Upper Planten: is main heat source and heats to aprox 400 degrees
  • Platen Size: 3.75" x 7"
  • Warranty: 6 months



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