12" PerfecPress Soft Stretch Foil 12" x 4" Sheet

Size: 12" x 4" Sheet
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Product Note:


PerfecPress Metallic Soft Stretch Foil Vinyl

Looks like shinny mirror while on the liner. However, after pressed on garment it has a more matte "metallic look". This material will also stretch on stretchable materials! Much better than screen print foils and the 2-step process of adhesive and foil.

Environmentally-friendly product (PVC free)

Heat Application:
Preheat for 2-3 Seconds
Time: 10-12 Seconds
Temperature: 285-305 F / 140-150 C
Pressure: Mediumn- Heavy
Peel:Cool after 5 - 10 seconds to let glue settle.
2nd press to Matte and for better washability.
Adheres To:
100% cotton
100% uncoated polyester
poly/cotton blends
acrylics and nylons
Stretch Lycras
Clear Polyester Liner
Pressure sensitive backing
matte/gloss finish
85 Microns / 3.5 Mils
45/60 blade
Can be layered
Washing Instructions:
Do not dry clean
Machine wash WARM / mild detergent
Dry at normal setting
No chlorine bleach
Wait 24 hours before first wash


If you try to layer anything on top of it following normal procedures, whatever you put on top of JSI Stretch Metallic will more than likely come off. However, we have tested further and found that if you press it, peel it, press it again WITH NOTHING ON TOP (no Teflon) for another 5s or so, it seems to burn off whatever film is on the material that prevents another material from adhering to it, and it’s good to go. Testing is the key here and you would need to wash the garment a couple of times and see how the layers hold up.

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