24" PerfecCut Standard Permanent Adhesive Rolls

Size: 24" x 15' Roll
Sale price$18.00

Product Note:



  • Made with the same face film as the popular Oracal 651 but with our own brand adhesive.

  • Great for decals, signage, banners, window graphics, etc.

  • Easy to cut, weed, and transfer.

  • Can be applied dry or wet using windex, or soap & water.

  • NOTE: For color accuracy, it is recommended that you get a colorchart for color matching. The chart for PerfecCut can be found HERE.

  • 3.0 mil sign vinyl with the high gloss look of premium vinyls.

  • How does PerfecCut compare to Oracal 651?

  • PerfecCut is very similar to 651. They are actually made with the same face film from the same company. PerfecCut comes from the American mfg of the company and 651 comes from the German mfg of the same company. PerfecCut has a different adhesive and liner. They are both glossy (although our PerfecCut does have a matte option for BLACK and WHITE). They both have a permanent, outdoor adhesive. They both have an up to 5 year outdoor life expectancy (3 for the Gold and Silver). If you haven’t tried PerfecCut yet, try it today!

  • NOTE: The 12" rolls are cut in-house. There can be a slight variance

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