12" and 24" PerfecCut Metals Sticker Vinyl Sheets & Rolls

Width: 12 Inch
Length: 12" Sheet
Sale price$2.00

Product Note:


PerfecCut Metal Sticker Vinyl 

  • 12" width Sticky vinyl Made with a metallic face film to give your designs a reflective, metal finish. 
  • NOTE: Pink, Red, Light Blue, and Royal Blue have a protective cellophane sheet on the face film. Recommended that it be removed prior to cutting.  
  • Works great for solvent printers for print/cut stickers and decals


  • Can be applied dry (Preclean surface for best results) 
  • Can be applied wet with windex, or soap and water. 

Material Data: 

  • 3mil sign/decal vinyl with high gloss metallic finish 
  • Great for general-purpose signs: interior/exterior, posters, show cards, banners, window graphics, and car decals. 
  • Easy cutting, weeding, and transferring. 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Outdoor durability: 2 years when properly applied. If under heavy sunlight, facefilm will fade in shorter periods of time. 
  • NOTE: This item requires transfer tape. You can find it HERE. 

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