Hotronix Maxx Series Press - Floor Model Sale!

Size: MAXX15 - 15x15 -Display Model!
Sale price$799.00 Regular price$1,195.00

Product Note:


Thread It! Print It! Spin It!
This affordable, easy-to-use heat press is perfect for start-ups or home-based businesses. It's also an excellent choice as a second heat press, and portable for on-site heat printing.

  • Three sizes available 16in x 20in, 15in x 15in, 11in x 15in
  • Easy-to read digital time and temperature display for consistent printing
  • Wide opening for easy layout
  • Space saving clam shell design
  • Patented Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment for even, edge-to-edge heat and pressure regardless of the substrate thickness
  • Scratch resistant, baked on powder coat finish
  • Smooth shock opening
  • Coated non-stick heat platen
  • HRPO laser quality steel framework
  • Budget-friendly heat press for beginners or for use as a backup heat press
  • Available in 120v/1800W/15A and 220v/1800W/8A
  • Four optional interchangeable platens available

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