Hotronix Heated Lower Platen and Controler

Type Platen: Power Platen Controller-Demo
Sale price$300.00

Product Note:


300 degrees of heat on bottom platen and 200 degrees on top will not leave scorch marks on the poly garments!
  • Item # - BHA20-120 - LIST price is $995.00.
  • Currently available in 120v.
  • Graphic products must have low temperature melt points.
  • Must use Threadability method to load garment.
  • There needs to be a separate outlet for the bottom platen.
  • Not recommended for the Fusion because of the draw of the press. Although the drawer can be locked in place preventing the draw to be used, the fact that the lock can be unlocked gives concern that the heat controller may be dislodged by the draw causing it to fall resulting in damage to the controller.
  • For presses already in the field, we will need the press serial # to ensure the platen being sent is equipped with correct platen base.


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