PerfecPress DTF Film Sheets (Direct to Film)

Size: PP A3(11.75x16.5) - 75u 1-side
Quantity: 50 Pack
Sale price$39.00

Product Note:


This Direct-to-Film (DTF) coated film provides better printer roller traction with minimal static allowing for a great printed image without background artifacts.

Instructions: Hot/Cold peel, wait 5 seconds before peeling off the liner

Sizes available: 
A3+ (13"×19”); A3 (11.75"x16.5"); A3 Long (11.75"x17.75"); A4 (8.5'×11”) cut sheets,
24"×325' rolls, and 11.8"x325' rolls.

Matte 1-side and 2-side available

75 microns and 100 microns are available