20" PerfecPrint Solvent Puff/Foam Print

Size: 12" x 20" Sheet
Sale price$6.00

Product Note:


HT-Printable Puff / Foam

Create your own printing images on soft and fluffy PUFF effects. Be as creative as you can be with this fun, innovative vinyl!

The printable puff vinyl will have your finished product with the "puffed up" appearance.  It will produce a three-dimensional feel and touch to the print. This will allow you to take even the simplest designs to a new level of complexity! 

When heat is applied, Printable Puff puffs up to create a unique texture to letters and shapes. It can create an authentic look without using embroidery for the popular retro vintage look. It can be used for numbering uniforms such as baseball, soccer, or basketball or for a wide range of novelty or fashion shirts. Imagine creating special effects for a design with a snowman, clouds, or letters.

**Do not cut in mirror, weed excess material and apply transfer tape.  Make sure there are no bubbles in the transfer tape.  It will cause spots on the surface of the material where the wrinkles or bubbles are present.**

130 Micron (before), 500 Micron (after)
270°F~275°F (132°C~135°C)
Please make sure to test the temperature first due to the heat sensitivity of material.
5~8 Seconds
Cutting Setting 45 degree cut
Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester Blends excluding Nylon
1. Optimal temperature range may vary depending on your heat press. Testing prior to application is strongly recommended.
2. Puff effect from the PRINTABLE Puff is less than the regular Puff vinyl.
3. Use a squeegee to avoid air bubbles forming when applying the Transfer Tape to the vinyl. Bubbles within transfer tape will result in bubbles forming in the vinyl when it's applied to the substrate. From our testing, we strongly recommend to only print small designs.
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