12" PerfecCut Glow N Dark Adhesive Vinyl

Size: 12"x12"
Sale price$3.00

Product Note:


PerfecCut Glow in Dark Adhesive Vinyl

  • Perfeccut Glow in the Dark is a flexible film that is perfect for marking pathway obstructions that may be hazardous in blackout and very smoky conditions.
  • This vinyl absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, and is immediately visible in sudden darkness.
  • Pefecccut Glow in the dark easily affixes to most wood, metal, concrete, plaster and painted surfaces.
  • This film is reliable for 4 + hours of visibility and is perfect for your low-level emergency egress system.

Can be applied dry.

  • 3.0 mil sign vinyl with the high gloss look of premium vinyls
  • Great for general purpose signs: interior/exterior, posters, show cards, banners and window graphics
  • Excellent cutting, weeding and transferring
  • White color has a blue liner for easy weeding
  • Made in the USA
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 years (3 years gold and silver) when properly applied


Must use transfer tape to lift and apply.


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