NOTE: These directions are for the current model of the Graphtec CE-6000-60+. Directions may very depending on the model of Graphtec you have.

If your Graphtec vinyl cutter is cutting small characters (‘jibberish’) when you output a job from your software, the COMMAND language is incorrectly set.

Hit the PAUSE button and hit the UP ARROW (which will display as ‘I/F’ on the LCD).

On the next screen, you should see a list of options to choose from. Select ‘COMMAND’ by pressing the number 1.


In most scenarios, the machine should be set to the ‘HP-GL’ language setting. Press 2 on the keypad, and hit ‘ENTER’.

Pressing ‘Pause’ again will return you to the main menu, and your Graphtec should be ready for cutting.