First you need to determine if your cutter installed at all. You do this by clicking on your start button, and then clicking on Devices and Printers.

Check under Printers and make sure that your cutter doesn’t appear. If it does, but it’s grayed out, you should unplug it and plug it into a different USB port until it is not grayed out. If that doesn’t work, then the cutter was never installed on this computer. In that case, just choose what USB port you want to stick with and put in the installation disc and install the proper drivers for your cutter.

To install your cutter, insert your disc and run the AutoRun.exe. Click on your cutter and then select the appropriate driver. Then you need to install your VLCD:

. Move your mouse over the appropriate cutter, and click on “Accessories”

This will open up a Windows Explorer folder with the following files:

Move the VLCD2 and the usbapi.dll to your desktop (copy/paste). When changing materials, you will need to double click the VLCD2 icon. From that interface, you can select your plotter connected from the drop down menu and adjust the cutting pressure as follows:
Standard materials – 80
Particle Glitter – 110
Rhinestone Stencils – 130

You should change you cutting pressure in this software before sending a project to the cutter from your design software.