GCC – Expert 24 – Basics:

Notice how the blade barely pokes out. If you have to change the blade, just press on the back/top and pull it out. If you perform a cutting test and it needs to be adjusted, just twist it slightly. Only need a little bit at time.
Test Cuts:
Click the ON/OFF line button first to take the printer offline. Now you can click the Test Cut button. Once the cut is complete, peel off the little square and see how the cut was. If it cut into the paper backing, take the blade in a little. If it didn’t cut all the way through the vinyl, take the blade out a little.

To move the blade/Set new Origin:
Click the ON/OFF line button, then use the arrow pad to move it around. If you need to reset the origin, press the Origin Set button, then press the ON/OFF line button again to put the printer back online.

The wheels must be located under the white lines on the front of the machine. When lifting and pressing down on the wheel handles, be gentle.
When you are installing the printer, be sure to move the VLCD2 and the usbapi.dll to the desktop. When changing materials, you will need to double click the VLCD2 icon. From that interface, you can select your plotter connected from the drop down menu and adjust the cutting pressure as follows:
Standard materials – 80
Particle Glitter – 110
Rhinestone Stencils – 130
USB Ports:
Please keep in mind that the specific USB port that you originally install the cutter on, is the ONLY USB port that the cutter will work on from now on.
Cutting Sign Vinyl v. Heat Transfer Vinyl:
When cutting Sign Vinyl, you cut shiny side up. When cutting in Heat Transfer, cut shiny side down.