20" PerfecPress Foam / Puff Vinyl Rolls

Size: 20"x15' Roll
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Product Note:


PerfecPress Foam / Puff Vinyl
 "Foam" "Puff" vinyl. The product expands and takes on a foam puffy-like texture when heat is applied after the initial application on a garment.

(May 2023) New Instructions for newly manufactured Puff/Foam:

- Press at 300~310F, 12-15 sec.

Since Puff/Foam is highly sensitive to temperature and pressure,  and most heat presses are actually a different temperature than what is displayed on the LED display, always test the material before production!  

Original Instructions:  Heat Application for 3D Puff Vinyl:

  • Time: 10 Seconds
  • Temperature: 280 - 300 F / 150 C.  Does not work with Cricut Easypress or Hand Iron
  • A laser thermometer always should be used to confirm the actual temp of your press.  A large % of presses are 20+/- degrees different than the LED will show.. Most HTV materials are not affected by these temp swings but puff vinyl will be affected by higher temps.
  • Pressure: medium consistent pressure.  Teflon pillows work well
  • Peel: The backing will pop off from the foam's growth.
  • This 3D puff vinyl is more sensitive than most HTV's and will change in different environments.  If getting wrinkles in the material, generally your press is too hot.  Less temp seems to be better than more temp.
  • Gold and Silver 3D puff vinyl seem to do better at lower temps (aprox 280-300) than the other colors,  Need to test in your environment for best results.
  • If getting wrinkles after press, this generally means your press is too hot.

REMINDER:   ALWAYS DO A TEST CUT AND TEST PRESS with 3D puff vinyl, so as not to waste material or garments.  Puff vinyl is far more sensitive to heat than standard HTV materials.  Many heat presses in the market do not display accurate temps on the LED screen.

Cutting Instructions for puff vinyl:

  • Make sure color side is facing downward (Shiny side face up)
  • Mirror the image 
Washing Instructions:
  • Do not dry clean
  • Machine wash WARM / mild detergent
  • Hang Dry
  • Iron from backside
  • No chlorine bleach and no fabric softener
  • Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Turn garment inside out
Do not use 3D puff vinyl with Cricut EasyPress or a hand-iron. Puff vinyl will not expand properly.